Saturday, February 7, 2009

Senior Night!!

I keep getting reminded every now and then that my son is a senior (yes, I'm in denial). I don't want to think about my sweet baby boy officially turning into an adult in May and graduating in June, and entering the big bad world. I want to stop time and keep him right where he is forever, nice and safe, not a child anymore, but not yet an adult. (Sigh) I know, I know.......time moves forward, children grow up, and I just have to accept that fact. I don't want to, but I know that it's gonna happen regardless if I want it to or not.

So.....that takes me to Senior Night. My parents, Ash and I drove to Vegas Thursday night for the Wildcats last home game. All the seniors (cheerleaders and basketball players) were walked out on the court by their parents or a family member. The moms were given roses and the team members received a huge framed team picture signed by the members and coaches. Then since there were only 5 seniors, all 5 got to start the game!!! That was pretty stinkin cool. Jordan plays, but hasn't started and it was super cool to hear his name announced in the starting line up!!! The student council made huge signs with all the players names on's Jordan's. His really was the best and biggest..I think the girl who made it kinda likes him. ;) In my opinion, she's got excellent taste!!!

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