Sunday, December 12, 2010

First Freshman Game of the Season

and we didn't come out of that too fact, we stunk it up, lost by 26. UGH. We have a new coaching staff and a 15 freshmen, most of whom haven't had a lot of experience playing the game. Hopefully we can get it together and bring a different game plan to our next opponent. Ash did good and held her own, made a layup and hustled, making the other team have a turn over. She is doing well, and is also playing up with the sophmores and sometimes with the jv team. I've got a few shots of her, her dad got some much better pics and will hopefully email them to me! For now, here's a few of Ash..she's #12!
Tip off!!
Bring it!
Going after the ball on this one and almost landed on the bench!
It was a total blast watching her play, although sucky that they lost. There's always next time!


  1. First of all, you do not look like you are a mom of a freshman! A preschooler, maybe.;-) It's fun watching our kids play ball. Hope she has a good season!

  2. Ya win some ya loose some. Better luck next time. Hope she is still proud of how she played her game.

    I was beginning to think you were one of those girls who dropped their friends when they get a boyfriend, teehee just kidding.
    I kept checking for a new post.

  3. Hey Sharla, Cute pics despite the loss. She looks so serious. Could you email me if you get a chance? I have something for you. ( Thanks!

  4. My Em plays basketball, too Sharla. She is in 8th grade. She was on the starting team then off now on again. Her true passion is soccer so it has been hard for her not to be the star on basketball as she is in soccer! They are a young team and learning just like Ash's...

    How are you? I have been achy and tired the past few days so out of the loop. Back to normal now though and ready to post and catch up!


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