Friday, December 17, 2010

Makin up my own words

so..I've been following Leslie's Words of Me project (I'm really far behind) but just found out after I had completed my last layout that I had just picked a random word from her post and used that as the WORD of the week. Yeah, totally off base...I don't know what I was thinking...obviously there wasn't much of that goin on...(thinkin that is) :/ anyway, the word for week 4 was commitment, I did my layout on the word appreciate. The word for week 5 was renew and I used the word prompt..hmmm, yeah I know I need to catch up-pretty much on everything, but such is life. I've been so busy lately with basketball and spending time with my boyfriend, (do you still call them boyfriend when you're over 40???) Anywho, been busy and tis the season for being crazy busy just all on it's own. I'm lacking in sleep, which is why this post probably doesn't make a lick of sense, Oh..and I'm lacking sense, and patience and I've lost a little bit of Christmas spirit as well, (but that was only for a little while, the new manfriend seems to have a very calming effect on me...LOVE that).
Ok, so here is my layout on the word prompt..I found a quote that I liked and used that. I did a digi layout because I took a Jessica Sprague class, but that was awhile ago and forgot pretty much all that I had I need to go back and do some refreshing, but I'm trying to keep from forgetting everything that I learned...and now it's late and I'm yammering on and on and on.....yada, yada,yada. I better end
this post now before it becomes the longest post ever..on absolutely nothing!!! Alright already, I'm shuttin up now and heading for bed!!! Good night all!


  1. Sharla, love the digi layout--you did a great job!

  2. Nice layout.
    Boyfriend or manfriend, hummm not sure the term to use after 40, lol.
    I think boyfriend would be fine :)

    I am having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit as well. Not sure why, I am always so excited and over the top about it. Maybe in a couple of days.

  3. I'm laughing so hard right now 1) because you used the wrong word and 2) because you called him "manfriend". For some reason that sounds wrong and dirty. Hahahahaha! But really, what is the age appropriate term? Maybe we should Google it.


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