Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meridian Magazine - Way To Be: Optimism

I just read an article and decided to post part of it as a reminder to myself.  I sometimes struggle with being positive, it takes an effort from me to see the good in life, especially when crap keeps getting shoved in my face. I try to be positive, to see the blessings in my life, ( and I do have much to be thankful for) but sometimes I can't see how a situation will work out & I struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel, when all around is pitch black.  Thankfully, I have a husband who tends to be more on the positive side, he doesn't stress much and doesn't sweat the small stuff. I guess he compliments me very well.  His positive attitude rubs off and I can let go of fear and let faith in.  I only hope........that my little bits of pessimism doesn't rub off on him...then we'd both be in trouble!

I really liked #1-4, actually all of them are helpful, but I do enjoy my tv/computer time and while I know I should limit it a little more, it does bring me a little piece of happiness.

Seven Ways to Improve Optimism

1.  Sleep 6-9 hours per night. Without proper sleep your health deteriorates and your brain becomes foggy. If you are foggy life looks foggy instead of bright. ( I really like this one!)

2.  Every new day is just that. New. Let yourself approach each day fresh. Have a hiker mentality. After a good rest comes some more rewarding work. Without the work, you never reach the summit. Another hiker philosophy is “mind over matter.” Make your mind keep going even if the circumstances around you encourage you to stop. A new day is a spiritual experience. God gives us a rest and fresh start every 24 hours. What a blessing.  ( sometimes I have to break it down into hours....right now is a new hour, breaking it down into smaller time bites is easier to handle)

3.  Look at all the good in life. Even if every child doesn't turn out perfect, or if business is failing there are always good things to look at. You are all still together. You can still go for a walk and talk together. You control what you see. See the picture as okay, and you will be okay. ( what helps is to just look at the bigger picture, this challenge isn't going to be forever, and somehow, I will get through this and it will work out)

4.  Focus. Stay focused on the really important things. Relationships and making meaningful memories are more important than all those stressful emotions. We have the relationships forever, the stresses are temporary. And, as long as we have relationships, we will have the means for happiness. Because good relationships bring happiness, not money and perfection. ( I really need help with this one....FOCUS has been part of my one little word for this year!)

5.  Turn off the distractions. TV, computer, and constant going get in the way of making lasting relationships. Turn that stuff off and play a game, bake, garden or just talk instead. If you do this life will feel better and more productive. Media ruins productivity. (while I agree, I still do enjoy my tv/computer time)

6.  Make a new family culture. If our cultures are based on the things we do or the money we spend we will find stress and unhappiness even if things keep going perfect. Simplify your culture. Teach your children life skills and recreate with games, walks, and good books and you will find fulfillment in life. We often think we need to do more to find that fulfilling feeling we are looking for. Usually we need to do less and do it well. It's a worth while family culture shift. (Simplicity....I need to embrace this!)

7.  Improve communication. When things go wrong, stay calm. Say what is happening, but don't react to it. When things go well, say what happened too. Praise more. When life seems to be going along as normal, stop the normal to talk and connect. Think of yourself as a family therapist. Encourage people to talk to you and value what they say. Really listen.... then help find solutions. Schedule regular talk time with your spouse and children. In my book, Parenting A House United I talk more about how to have effective meetings, and how to correct negative behaviors in a positive way.   (I need to find opportunities to open up and communicate more with others and then really listen, sometimes I feel too disconnected.....I need to work on this)

We live if difficult times. These are not the first difficult times the world has known. Historically, those who focus on family and being optimistic are the ones who triumphantly make it through the hard times. They are the ones who have journal entries full of inspiring observations and lessons learned which strengthen people for years to come. We are all writing stories. What will your story be? One of pessimism or optimism? You Choose.

And remember, what you choose will be what your children choose too. (End of article)

I have a quote book with positive sayings, scriptures, stories, quotes, I read over this now and then and it seems to give my soul a great big lift, I guess I should carry it with me everywhere I go!!  ;)

What works for you when times are tough?  How do you stay positive when negativity is pullin at ya?  If you feel so inclined, please share.   :)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you find the Kiki mysteries and I am sure that you will enjoy them. They are such a nice easy read. Great way to relax.

    I have to agree with you, sometimes the tv and or computer are a way to relax and do give happiness.

  2. Thanks for sharing this.
    I am a positive person, hubby negative.
    He says his cup is 1/2 empty, the reason he has so much is because I gave him 1/2 from my cup, as I had a full cup before we met, how sweet eh?
    That was one positive thing he said, lol.

  3. great post! i try to be up and postive but you are right sometimes it is hard. good points

  4. Sharla...thanks for sharring this...I try to be up and postive always...I enjoy to be a happy person!!!
    I have to agree with you my dear friend..... sometimes the computer and the TV are a way to relax and do give happiness.
    Thanks for think about my son...he looks good now..he´s more adapetede in India lifes....
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!
    Evry time that you came to mu really makes me happy!!
    Hugs from Brazil

  5. This is a great post. I tend to be positive with everyone and everything but myself. I always seem to expect perfection from myself which even though I know it is not possible, I still do it and then get upset/frustrated. I am also working on the last one. I think it can be really easy to get disconnected with being so busy but connections and friendships add so much so I am working on that too!

  6. Great post and great reminders. I've been through a very busy spell and feel like I finally see light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes that's just the way life flows.


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