Sunday, April 17, 2011


I seem to be stuck on clean and simple cards lately.  I've printed out several random digi stamps and have been playing with the few copics that I have and am just having a lot of fun!  So, I've got a few more simple cards to share. 

I also made a few more cards with the cute owls I cut from my cricut using the Paisley cart. I'll post them later, I'm hoping to get a more clear picture, for some reason they keep turning out a little blurry.

Now, a question for all you cardmakers/scrapbookers......regarding challenges.  How do you keep track of which challenges are open, which ones you've entered, all the many challenge sites/blogs out there.  Whew, it seems like there are sooo many and I never can find them all or re-find them once I've come across them. Do you bookmark them all?  Follow them all, use a certain tracking program, write them down?? I'd love to know how you all organize this, so if you have a certain tip you've come down with and wouldn't mind sharing.....I'd be very grateful!  :)

Alrighty, I'm out for the night, got some reading to do and then get ready for the week.  Oh JOY! ;)


  1. Hey Sharla there isn't anything wrong with clean and simple cards. I love them.
    As for challenges I have only entered a few and was contacted by the blog when/if I won. As for any other ones. I forgot, lol.
    Just like entering give away's. I don't jump over hoops and barrels (is that even the saying, lol). I never check out if I won anything. I have won quite a few give aways again was contacted.
    So looking forward to how other's keep I just wrote a longer reply than your post, lol.

  2. Cute cards! I like simple clean cards. Check out They have a great list of challenges each day and the prize winners. I do forget to check back after I enter though so can't help you with that.

  3. Adorable cards, you certainly have been busy.

    For challenges, I have my favorite sites bookmarked by days the challenges are posted. Then I go to Feline Playful and look for other ones on there. I keep track only by the posts where I add the links to the challenges I enter. I must say, I don't tend to look to see if I won! Silly huh, lol Feline Playful always post the winners of the challenges they post about, each day, in a seperate post. I have found out I won a couple of times through that. Good luck on finding challenges that you like. They are fun to enter.

  4. Adorable images and cards! I really need to check out these digi images... As for challenges, I have only entered one and they post the winner on Twitter so I follow up there :)

  5. I agree! Cute and simple! The little dragon is as cute as can be! Reminds me of figment from Epcot!

  6. Love the dragon card. I only enter challenges on usually. But do you have a pinterest? I'd pin what I was doing if I were you!

  7. Love your cards! Simple does it for me! As for the challenges, I've found they basically operate either by day or by date. I organized them in my Google Reader that way and made a little chart on my computer of the due dates. I also keep track of the ones I really have time to do and try to eliminate some. There's too many to do them all!


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