Saturday, November 27, 2010

Card cupids and apothecary jars!!

These are the cards I worked on yesterday for the card cupid organization, I don't have sentiments on them yet, will do that later when I figure out what to put on them. The bee is from the Paisley cricut cartridge, I used icicle stickles on the cheeks and flower center, used tulip puff paint for the black dots on the big flower center. Anyway, had fun making them and I hope they will bring a smile to the child that I send them to!

I made these apothecary jars in October and filled them with candy corn and those orange taffy pumpkin thingys...I found the idea here!! LOVE IT!! Then for Thanksgiving, I filled them with pumpkins/leaves/ for Christmas, they are filled with ornaments and colored tinsel...they can be used all year round and filled with pretty much anything you can think of to put in them. It's a fun project and so should do it...NOW! ;) Sorry for the crappy pic. Anyway, some fun projects and I actually did something other than watching t.v. Yay me!!


  1. Great cards! So cute. Love the apothecary jar, they are really fun.

  2. love the cards! the kids will love opening the envelope and seeing this! too cute!

  3. Your cards are adorable.
    I have seen those jars done up, not sure which site. I planned on doing them as well, but just got to the part of buying the jars and putting candy in them, teehee.
    Love what you put in them for Christmas.

  4. I love those jars!!! I need to look for the supplies to make those!! :)

  5. Absolutely adorable cards. And those apothecary jars are AWESOME! I love your wall color. So many people paint the walls beige... :-)


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