Monday, November 22, 2010

Doin the happy dance!!!

Look what I found!!!!

They're not just for Easter anymore!!

Yes, I'm super excited, these are my favorite candy, and they made little Jingle balls for Christmas time!!

I know, I know...I'm a total geek-dork about this and my daughter was deathly embarrassed to take these pictures, but I don't care! Ya gotta be real and blog about the good, the bad, and the ugly.....right??? I'm not sure what category this falls under.....maybe the good and the ugly???

So...if any of my dear lovely friends out there in cyber space want to send me a bag or 20, I'll gladly email ya my address!! ;)


  1. Love these pics so fun.
    My daughters Love those with a capital "L".
    I may have to go searching:)

  2. I've see so many people excited that these are out.....and (gasp!)....I've never tried them. Hmmmm. I may need to get some, make sure I know what the buzz is about! LOL. Love your pics.

  3. Fun! Enjoy your treat. Also, check out my blog for an award I gave you. :)

  4. Yah for you! Now you just need some diet coke to go with them!! Lol!

  5. I love Cadberry! I need to find these!

  6. Oh thanks for sharing I need those for the stockings


    going to target and seeing if they have these today!

  8. I would be doing a happy dance in the aisle in the store when I found these, too! Yum! I am so getting some of these!


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