Friday, November 12, 2010

A mom brag, and a card!!

I have to do a mom brag right Ash, made the freshman high school basketball team!!!! Whew!! When we went through soccer tryouts, felt that we had a really good chance of making the team and then were disappointed with the results, well, we were more than nervous for basketball cuts. There were 32-35 freshman that tried out, and only 10-15 spots on the team. Ash has played a little b-ball here and there, but she's got enough athleticism(is that a word? lol) and ball control that she did very well in tryouts, we were hopeful, but not overly so. We went to the school earlier than normal and before the buses got there, to check the team list. Ash didn't want to go in at first, she was too nervous, but I said, let's just get it done and over with...go find out!!! (honestly, I couldn't stand it anymore!) I went in with her, and the list wasn't posted, we sit in torture for about 10 more minutes when the coach got there and posted it. She reluctantly walked around the corner to the office window and I could here her say "I MADE IT!!" Then she took a pic of her name on the list!!! (That's my girl!) I'll find away to scrap that somehow!!

Now on to the card I made the other day. It's just simple, I tend to do simple a lot and honestly it just fits my style better. I think I'll send this to my grandma!

I'm fighting off a head cold and kinda feel like crap, I guess it's bittersweet that I have a long weekend right now. I didn't want to be sick all weekend, but this way, maybe I won't have to take sick time from work.

Now, off to get a nice, big, fountain diet coke!! That always makes me feel better!!! ;)


  1. congrats to making the freshman team--how awesome! and of course you have to brag! I would too!

    your card is super! love it!

  2. Make it a reg. Coke and I'll be right with you ;)
    Congrats to your Ash for making the team, Go Ashley!!

    Love your card and it looks anything but simple.

  3. Congrats to your daughter, that's awesome! Love your card!!!

  4. Congrats to Ash!! And I love that card! Man, I NEED to get into my scrap room!! Gah!!

  5. I hope you are feeling better! I am having the same problem...sick and its the weekend :( Love the card! And congrats to your daughter! How exciting!


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