Sunday, February 26, 2012

Birthday Pics!

Whew...the weekend is over, the party was a success and tomorrow is Ash's actual birthday.  SWEET 16!! 

Ash, getting her gift from DEB, I just got gift cards to each store and put them in cute paper bags that I decorated.  (Will post them later)

                                                                                        Getting the next clue!!

                                                                                        Bath & Body works!!



  The present hunt at the mall worked out perfectly and instead of having a balloon at each place, I just had hand written clues on zebra note cards, then she had to go to that store and ask for her present.  The girl at Bohmme actually sang to Ash, and the girl at AERO wanted Ash to sing a song before she would give her her present!  Jordan caught that on video...too funny, (she refused to sing btw). ;)

 Here are some of the decorations for her party. We made these popcorn cones from pattern paper and put them in a box with styrofoam covered with cardboard and wrapping paper.  The banner was made from zebra paper and the letters are from the Hanna Montana cartridge.  We hung balloons upside down for some decoration between the kitchen and living room.  I put zebra paper around the water bottles and added a pink flower, wrapped some hersey nuggets in pattern paper and then put candy in some hurricanes that I've made with glass vases and candlesticks.  I was a lot of work, but Ashlie really loved it, and that's all that mattered!!


  1. Everything looks fantastic!! What a fun party! Great job, Shar!! :)

  2. oh what fun!!! i am sure she had a total blast!

  3. What a super cute idea!! You are a SUPER MOM!!!

  4. What a fun party! Looks like she had a great time!


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