Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Treat Bags

It was my turn again for treat bags for the girls basketball team...I wasn't very prepared this time around and just had to throw something together real quick.  This is what I came up with.  I found the image online, printed them out and just stapled them to a baggie filled with Bit-O-Honey candy.  I kept with the Bee theme, we are playing the Dixie Flyers and thought the play on words worked!! 

Yesterdays game was a complete spanking...we got beat, and beat up. We had two girls injured, the one is now on crutches and the other girl was my Ashlie, she got knocked in the face twice, hit the floor both times and came out of the game for a few minutes.  We thought maybe her nose was broken she got hit so hard, but I think she will be ok!  We are now down to 10 girls to fill 3 teams. It's been a very rough season.  I just hope Ash does well in her game tomorrow and has no more injuries!! 


  1. oh i bet these treat bags made the girls feel better after the loss! very cute

  2. Gorgeous topper!But poor Ashlie!!
    Jayne x

  3. Cute treat bags! Sounds like a rough game.

  4. Oh no! I hope she's going to be okay! The bags turned out really cute :)

  5. Wow, sounds like Canadian hockey not basketball.
    Hope Ashlie is feeling better.
    Love your treat bags, that bee is so cute.

    Tip about the xyron boogers, I fun my finger along the edge of the paper after I run it through.


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