Thursday, February 23, 2012

Busy...busy and still busy! I think ya get the drift that I've been a little busy.

 My daughter is having her 16th (yes......16th, this makes me feel really old) birthday party tomorrow night and I have been scrambling to get all the decorations and ideas in place.  I still have SOOO much to do, but most of the ideas are there and I'm hoping all will go as planned.  So, I have the decor as zebra and pink, I am doing a treat table with different treats, cookies, etc.  And then for her presents, I am sending her to the mall (we live in a fairly small town) and this is where I'm hoping to have cooperation.  I will buy a gift or gift card from several stores and then Ash will have to "hunt" for her presents.  I am going to see if the stores will let me put a balloon at the register to signal to her that she has a gift at that store and then I will have the gift cards in a cute paper bag that I am going to decorate.  Her friends and her brother will be with her, her brother will be driving them around and play photographer.  I'm hoping they have a really good time and that this will be very memorable for her.  I promise to take pictures along the way and post after the big day. 

I'm still in the market for a new camera, and am hoping my current one won't crap out on me before this weekend.    :/


  1. Can't believe she's turning 16 already! Weren't we just pregnant with them?? I can't wait to see the pics!! Have fun and we'll be talking to her on her big day! :)

  2. what a fun idea for her presents! love it! hope your daughter has a happy birthday

  3. What a cool idea! I hope you post pictures :)


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