Thursday, May 1, 2014

#100happy days week 9

Day 57
A new stencil, some cute wood veneer leaves and a few cute flowers!!  Love new crafty supplies!!


Day 58
Swig...our local drink place, they seriously have the best diet coke with lemon and sugar cookies!! YUMMY!!

Day 59 
I finally made laundry soap!! I've only had the stuff to make it for probably 5 months.  Love feeling like I've accomplished something! 

Day 60
Cute card!! Love it when a card comes together and I get to use fun embellishments and cute images!! 

Day 61
This is just about how I feel at work everyday....but especially on Mondays!

Day 62
Love my cute Minnie mug, and love the hot cocoa that was in it!! 

Day 63
I'm not sure about this, but I went the whole day without a diet coke.  I've tried quitting several times and then fall off the wagon and it takes me months and sometimes years to climb back on....getting through the day without one, tells me that at least I won't die if I don't have one!  

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