Thursday, May 29, 2014

#100happydays week 13

Pics from week 13

My baby girl graduating from high school.  I'm so proud of her, and it is so neat that she graduated from the same high school that I did!!  Class of 2014!!  


                                                                        Day 86
Made this cute banner and frames for Ash and Kaela's graduation party.  I love how they turned out, they look so good in person!

                                                                    Day 87
The next book in the series, compliments of my Ash and a gift card to Barnes and Noble!! :D

Day 88
This girl....she always makes me happy!  I just love her!

Day 89
A Monday, but a good one since it was Memorial Day and I had the day off, I was alone as Ash was in Vegas and my husband was working out of town.  I read, colored and made a card, watched 24 and listened to Pandora.....actually it was a perfect day! 

Day 90
A very messy bed, but seriously, going to bed was the best moment of this crazy day.  Yes, I sleep with a fan and I have to sleep with a pillow under my knee to relieve pressure from my back and hips.

                                                                   Day 91
Ash texted me this pic from when she was a few months old, it totally took me back to that time and remembering what a sweet baby she was.

That's it for week 13, only 9 more days of my challenge.......I love looking back at the little things throughout the day that brought a smile, laugh or made me happy!  

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