Thursday, May 15, 2014

#100happydays Week 11

                                Here is a recap of week 11 of my 100happydays challenge!

                                                                              Day 71
        Someone posted this on FB and when I saw it I totally LOL!!  It is so beyond awesome!!  LOVE IT!

                                                                           Day 72
 A trip to the mall and Barnes & Noble, I LOVE books and love to read. I could sit and fondle the books all day!  I would be so happy to read all day everyday, there are so many books and not enough time!  I love reading so much that I once read 7 books in a week and two in one day!

Day 73
Had to make a cute container for my DIY laundry soap, I like how it turned out!!

                                                                                 Day 74
This was mother's day and had to have a pic of my mom, myself and my daughter.  Love them!!
                                                                           Day 75
               Minion Monday, I found this and thought it was perfect since it was 10:30 at night and I was crawling into bed, which after a long day really makes me happy!

                                                                              Day 76
                    This was in the package that I received from winning a blog hop prize! SO FUN!!

                                                                            Day 77
 I came home to a clean bathroom and the dishes done thanks to this sweet girl, definitely a happy moment.

Well, that's it for week 11!  Hope you all have a great rest of your week......go and be happy!!! :D


  1. Great reasons to be happy :)
    Love the photo of you, your mom and your daughter :)
    I'm a bit jealous of your winnings.
    I am a lover of books, now that summer is here I will read a lot more at the cottage enjoying the smell of nature and the lake :)

    1. Hi Tracy....thanks, I think this has been a really fun challenge and makes me stop to appreciate the small stuff!!

      I was so stoked that I won that prize pack....holy cow, awesome products!

      I'm a little jealous that you get to go to your cottage and be one with nature while reading!! I LOVE reading! I look forward to your pics and blog posts while you are there!! :)


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