Thursday, May 8, 2014

#100happydays week 10

Week 10, seriously I can't tell where the time has gone.  They say time goes faster the older you get and I'm starting to believe it!

Here are my moments for week 10 that made me happy, brought a smile to my face, made me laugh or just something I was really grateful for.

                                                                     Day 64
PSYCH!  I just love Shawn and Gus,  I haven't found a tv duo as funny as them for a really long time. I have only watched Psych on netflix and on day 64 got an email saying that season 7 was now available!  YAY!!

                                                                              Day 65
This man, makes me happy.....he drives me nuts, crazy and a little insane, but  I love him and am happy he's mine.  He's been working and staying out of town so it's nice to have him home on the weekend.  This is an older photo of us, but I didn't snap one of him on this day.

                                                                             Day 66
Homemade brownies using my Grandma Jones recipe.  YUMMY, I layered with marshmallows broiled them and then slathered with frosting.  SO GOOD!!

                                                                         Day 67
OH.MY.GOSH!! I was so excited to see this!  I won a $75 prize pack from Faber Castell!! I get to play with gel medium, gesso, chalkboard paint and gelatos! I've been wanting to get more into art journaling and this will be perfect!!

                                                                          Day 68
            Sweet Pork Nachos from Costa Vida....yes please!!!   Not cooking dinner.....yes please!!!

                                                                             Day 69
I did not know they were doing another season/mini season, whatever they are doing of to find this on hulu, made my night!! I love me some Jack!!

                                                                        Day 70
  So yesterday and the past week or so the weather here has been a lot windy and a little cooler and yesterday we got rain and dark clouds.  A dark rainy day is my favorite kind...probably because we mostly have hot and sunny!  I sat on my front porch this night and just enjoyed the evening and the clouds, it was nice and quiet and peaceful!

There is week 10!! I have to say that some days it's hard for me to think and take a pic of something that gives me a happy moment, even though I have them throughout the day, it's just remembering to photograph and document them. This has been a fun little experiment and I do find myself being happier and more grateful! So, so far the experiment is working!!  :)   
Go and be happy! :D

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  1. Hello Sharla!

    Thank you so much for your blog post and message. It was so nice to hear from you.

    Awwww shucks...I was so disappointed when I saw you didn't live near me in AZ. If you ever come this way please feel free to let me know! It looks so beautiful where you live! The pic actually looks exactly like my neighborhood, Dove Valley Ranch Golf Course in Cave Creek, AZ.

    Your cards are amazing. I see you use SVG cutting files, etc. I only use die's now and have been thinking a lot about getting a Silhouette Machine. The cutting machines look like a lot of fun and so many shapes to select from!

    Please feel free to keep in touch! Becky

    p.s. Congrats on your win with Taylored Exp...that $75 prize package is amazing!


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