Saturday, April 19, 2008


Yep, I'm itchin....for a diet coke! I bet ya'll were wondering how I was doing huh? Well, even if you don't give a rat's furry behind, I'm gonna tell ya anyway. I WANT ONE!!! It's been two weeks today since my effort to give up my beloved DC and some days have been hard, and some days have been difficult, and a couple days were pure hell. On those couple of pure hellish days I actually broke down and ordered a drink......I know I know.. but in my defense, the first one I only had 4 sips and the second one I drank about 1/4 of it and then felt the guilt set in and dumped it out. AHHHHHH, I want to cry! Today was bad, I wanted one so bad that I could actually taste it, feel it, embrace it, burp it back up....but, I did not give into temptation. YAY ME!!!

So, last Saturday my friend and I got a wild hair up our backside and decided to drive to Laughlin...NV, which for me is a 3 hour drive. We went to crash a scrapbook getaway that we used to attend with religious ferver every 6 months, but haven't attended in about 2 years. My friend used to own the company that would host this getaway and since she turned the reigns over to someone else we decided to take a break....but are now "itchin" to get back to it. These getaways are pretty dang cool. We usually head up Thursday night and stay until Sunday. The way this is setup is that we reserve the ballroom of a hotel and there are around 100+ women that attend, a lot of these women attend with the same religious ferver that we used to, so we see the same faces and make friends! We set up our scrapbook stuff at our table on Friday and scrap to our little hearts content until Sunday afternoon, taking breaks only to eat and pee. Those are musts. We leave our stuff out at our table the whole time we are there, so there's none of this packin up, unpackin crap. The owner of the company also brings her "store" with her and sets it up so we can shop..there are prizes, drawings, classes, and they also feed us a couple times. Sweet!!!

So, even though we didn't pack a lot of our scrap stuff with us and really wasn't planning on doing a whole lot of anything, we actually did get a few layouts done. I started working on a gift album and we made a mini album, and I did this layout of my daughter. My friend and I are planning on doing a challenge starting next month of doing one layout a I will be posting lots more stuff!! Now, remember, I'm not a professional photographer as I'm sure you can tell from the quality of the picture below..(it looks much better in person) but Im doin my best here people!

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  1. Beautiful layout!! ;)

    You're doing SO well with the DC. I'm very proud of you!!!

    I'm already planning for our next getaway!!!*Ü*


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