Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Christ Centered Christmas

This post is a little different from my normal crafty posts or a random post with pics of my daughter.
This video is "O Come, Emmanuel" from The Piano Guys.  The Piano Guys live in my hometown and I went to school with Paul Anderson, who is behind the scenes a lot, but is making his way out to the front at times and it's fun to see the growth and success they have reached.  They are amazing, their music and videos are moving and you can see the pure joy on their face when they perform. 
Please enjoy this video and check them out on youtube...they have TONS of videos and all are amazing! 
The reason for this post is to  help put me in a different "spirit of Christmas" this year and maybe touch someone else at the same time.  With all the stories out there of the killings and injuries involving shopping.....SHOPPING of all things!!   Who would have thought shopping would be dangerous?  The Black Friday frenzy is getting worse year by year and I know that for myself, I'm trying to focus more on what Christmas means to me, instead of making sure that I buy everything on my list.  In fact, I would love it if I didn't even have a list....but I don't think I can get away with that!!  ;)
 Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't like big crowds or lots of traffic, so I tend to stay away from any kind of shopping around Thanksgiving weekend anyway. 
At church, I'm part of a committee that plans activities outside of our normal Sunday worship hours and this past activity was all focused on having a Christ Centered Christmas and how to go about doing that.  We had a lesson and a darling live nativity with some of the cutest little wise men, angels, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.  Also, we had some crafts that were focused on the nativity with the title "Wise Men Still Seek Him", it turned out great and I think it put a different focus on Christmas for those attending.  My mom also gave us a 25 day countdown to Christmas all with scriptures, songs, and stories centered around Christ and his birth, unselfish service and gratitude.  I know that for me, putting Christ in the center of Christmas will be my goal this season. 
I hope that however you celebrate Christmas, you have a safe and enjoyable time, surrounded with friends, family and lots of love!


  1. I so don't enjoy the shopping frenzy .. can say that I have NEVER gone out on Black Friday as a consumer .. as an employee though ... well, since I wanted to keep my job ... LOL! I loveeeeee that song ... one of my faves!!!!

  2. Thanks for this post. I agree with you, that shopping cannot become a priority that someone should loose their life for it.
    We are keeping presents very simple this year. They are not important. The time we spend with each other is so much more valuable.

    Hope you have a happy Holiday Season!


    1. Hi Maria and thank! I agree that time is very valuable. Hope you have a Happy Holiday season as well!! :)

  3. Beautiful post Sharla. Thank you for the reminder!

  4. Great post -- great message!! :))


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