Thursday, June 12, 2014

#100happydays final recap

Here is my last post featuring the challenge I found on FB which was to document 1 thing each day that made me happy, laugh, or smile.   I found that there was a pattern to what made me family, food, faith, movies, books, copics, crafts, diet coke and ice-cream!! I also found that some days it was actually hard to find something that really stood out to me to document and other times my happy moment hit early in the day.  I also realized that while looking for little happy moments, I actually was happier and had more gratitude for what my life consists of, it's not perfect, but it's mine and I LOVE it!!

So here are the last 9 days of my 100 day challenge...and I'm happy to say that I didn't skip a day...I think that is the most consistent I've ever been at any challenge so far!! Yay!!

Day 92

Started my day off with a diet coke and an Einstein Bros cinnamon bagel with almond cream cheese.  It had been years since I'd had a bagel from Einstein Bros and I forget how yummy they me, they are yummy!!  

Day 93

I just love Grumpy, my friend actually gave me a stuffed Grumpy for my birthday....I had to wonder if it was a hint that I was a little grumpy or just because I love the cat!!  ;)

Day 94

This just represents my love of home.  I'm a total homebody, I'm comfortable at home and I'm happiest when I'm home.  

Day 95

My kids....totally love them.  Jordan has lived in Vegas on and off since his dad and I got divorced 12 years ago, I meet him often to drop off Ash with him so he can take her to Vegas to visit her dad. I always love seeing his handsome face.  He buzzed his head down to skin......I love his hair, but he's in the police academy so I guess this is easy and no fuss!! 

Day 96

Minions....they just make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud!! 

Day 97

Ash came to see me at lunchtime so we took off to grab some Panda Express!! Yummy and love spending time with her!

Day 98

My dad....he's just awesome and I love this picture of him, love the look on his face.  The story behind this goes like this.  Ash was 18, a senior in high school, didn't have a car and so between my parents, me and friends, she had to bum rides to school, to practice and home again.  My dad loves to do things for other people and what he did for Ash was just priceless.  Him and my mom stopped by my work, picked me up in a strange car (Olds Alero) and drove around for a little bit.  I knew he had picked this up for her, we had been talking about looking for a car for awhile.  
He wanted to surprise her, so we came up with a little plan.  I got home from work, Ash had taken my car to school that day....I texted her from outside saying "Ash, what the hell did you do to my car? Get out here now please"
She comes out and is so confused because nothing was wrong with my car.  My mom and dad were there, my dad kind of stands in front of the car which was parked along the back fence, we live in a complex with a lot of other cars, so this strange car didn't show up on her radar.  He was at the bottom of the stairs and was pointing at my car, I could totally see the panic on her face and also she was wondering what my mom and dad were doing there.....well my dad then goes over to her and turns her around so she is looking in the direction of her car and he says   "what do you think of that car?  You think that will do the trick?"
It takes her a few seconds to realize that the car was for her and this look on my dads face was when he was looking at her and she finally figured out that she had a car! LOVE it!!


Day 99

Ash did a little throw back Thursday and found this pic in an old album. This was the day we brought her home from the hospital, such a beautiful baby!!  I look like I'm wearing curtains....hahahahaah oh my! 

Day 100

A movie with a friend, we went to see The Other Woman, funny movie and I like Cameron Diaz, Ashlie has heard over and over from people that she looks a lot like Cameron, so I took a pic of the movie poster and one of her and did a side by side.  There are a couple of pics of Ash that look even more like Cameron.....

So there is my final recap of #100happydays, it was a totally fun challenge, I suggest it to everyone!! Go and be happy!!  :D

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